Fighting the shades of grey… The White Touch story…

It all started with our fight with shades of grey. Yes that is right – shades of grey. We were told that in the world of advertising and publicity, there is nothing in black or white. Everything is a shade of grey. Sincerity, diligence and genuine creativity is something that doesn’t exist anymore. All that exists now is a squishy-squashy pulp of right and wrong, honest and deceitful, sincere and make believe.

That was not good enough for us. We couldn’t settle for that. And so, White Touch was born. A place where sincerity and creativity go hand in hand. An agency that will not compromise on ethics and values just to get an account. A group of people who are genuinely interested in making your brand shine instead of merely focussing on the billable hours.

It is hard to believe, we know. And it is not easy.

But if it were easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?